What We Docoadmin2020-03-31T17:35:43+08:00

CO provides various services aimed at promoting a positive image of the university. Our services include:

1 University Image Promotioncoadmin2019-09-05T11:20:15+08:00

CO has created the University Identity Guide to ensure that the university’s image is always presented in a correct and consistent manner. For more details, please visit the University Identity Website.

2 Organisation of Large-scale Events / Distinguished Scholar Lecturescoadmin2019-07-17T18:36:04+08:00

CO organises various kinds of university-level events to promote the university’s image. CO also assists various faculties and departments with the organisation of lectures by distinguished scholars, such as Nobel laureates, UM honorary degree recipients, in hopes of broadening students’ horizons. For enquiries about Organisation of Large-scale Events, please contact us at (853) 8822 4336 or prs.event@um.edu.mo.

3 Guest Receptioncoadmin2020-05-12T15:13:50+08:00

CO invites guests to attend university-level ceremonies, events and conferences, arranges transportation for guests, and receives guests on the event day. CO also provides guest reception service for events organised by other faculties, departments and offices, and provides expert opinions on communication and media skills. For enquiries about guest reception, please contact us at (853) 8822 4335 or prs.campus_tour@um.edu.mo.

4 Media Relationscoadmin2019-07-17T18:37:51+08:00

CO actively fosters and maintains good relations with the media, releases the latest information about the university, and promotes the university’s missions, image and reputation through various channels. For enquiries about media-related matters, please contact us at (853) 8822 8004 or prs.media@um.edu.mo

5 Media Coveragecoadmin2019-07-17T18:38:37+08:00

CO follows media coverage of higher education news both at home and abroad, and sends relevant news to the university’s top management for their reference.

6 Design Standardscoadmin2019-07-17T18:40:29+08:00

CO designs promotional items, souvenirs and the homepage of the university, with the aim of safeguarding and maintaining a good image of the university. For enquiries about graphic design, please contact us at 8822 4247, or click here to download UM Logo, templates and manuals.

7 Website Design and Maintenancecoadmin2020-05-12T15:22:48+08:00

UM’s homepage is designed by CO, with the support of the Information and Communication Technology Office. To ensure a consistent style, we have created the Guidelines for Webpage Layout and Content for various faculties, departments and offices to follow. Please click here for download or contact us at (853) 8822 4336 for more information.

8 Information Releasecoadmin2020-05-12T15:59:27+08:00

In addition to producing print and electronic publications to release the latest information about the university in a timely and effective manner, CO also actively explores different media vehicles (such as Facebook and Youtube) and develops new channels (such as UMTV and UM Today) to maximise promotional impact and enhance internal communication. Current promotional materials produced by CO include the University of Macau Annual ReportUMagazineMy UM, UM Introduction and Campus Map, etc.

9 Community Eventscoadmin2020-05-11T17:44:48+08:00

UM has always been an active participant in various kinds of community events, including charity events like the annual Walk for a Million. CO assists the university with the arrangement of these events. CO also organises non-periodic fundraising events, and donates funds thus raised to those in need through charities like the World Vision, UNICEF, Caritas and Red Cross.

10 Event Co-organisationcoadmin2020-05-11T17:51:31+08:00

CO collaborates with various faculties, departments and offices in organising large-scale events, such as ceremonies and banquets.