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CO produces daily news and various publications, including the University of Macau Annual Report ,UMagazineMy UM, UM Introduction and Campus Map with the aim of releasing the latest information about the university. For enquiries about publication-related matters, please contact us at (853) 8822 4323 or

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UM News aims to release the latest information about the university, including conferences and academic and research achievements, to the media, in a timely manner.

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An internal daily e-newsletter, UM Today aims to provide UM members with information about the latest activities, events, seminars, news, internal notices and student activities on a daily basis.

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UM e-Newsletter aims to provide the latest information about the university to external stakeholders, including higher education institutions, government officials, VIPs, partners, alumni, etc.

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It is UM’s monthly newspaper aimed at enhancing internal communication. It covers stories and information that are of interest to UM students and staff.

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It is UM’s official biannual publication that reports the university’s latest development in teaching, research and other areas.

6 University of Macau Annual Reportcoadmin2018-12-27T03:35:37+08:00

It is UM’s annual publication that reviews the university’s major events as well as academic and research development over the past year.

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It provides information about UM’s history, teaching, education philosophy, and vision.

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The Campus Map clearly indicates the locations of various buildings on the campus and provides information about the various campus sights to help visitors know more about the campus.