CO aims to serve as a bridge between the university and the media. We assist with the organisation of press conferences for academic and administrative units of the university. We also arrange media interviews with academic staff, send press releases to the media, invite and receive media representatives for interviews and events, assist various faculties and departments with the placement of advertisements or congratulatory messages in the press, organise various kinds of workshops on PR skills for academic and administrative staff, provide media support and expert opinions on media and PR skills. For assistance with the abovementioned matters, please contact us at (853) 8822 8004.

In addition to maintaining good relations with the media, CO also helps UM members to publicise their events through various channels, such as Press Release、 Event Calendar UMTVUM Facebook Page UM Youtube Channel and My UM. CO also provides expert opinions on guest reception and event organisation for academic and administrative colleagues. For more details about digital communications, please contact us at (853) 8822 8004, email to prs.media@um.edu.mo. For enquiries about event organisation, event promotion, or protocol and etiquette services, please contact us at (853) 8822 4336, email to prs.event@um.edu.mo.

1Assist in Media Handlingcoadmin2018-12-27T21:41:07+08:00

We are more than happy to provide you with expert opinions on media skills. Contact us at (853) 8822 8004 or prs.media@um.edu.mo.

2Media Service Supportcoadmin2019-09-26T11:05:17+08:00

CO provides media service support for events organised by other academic and administrative units. For enquiries about media service support, please call us at (853) 8822 8004.

3Expert PR Advice and Trainingcoadmin2018-12-27T21:41:25+08:00

Our colleagues have rich experience in event organisation and guest reception. We are more than happy to provide expert opinions on the organisation and promotion of various kinds of large-scale events, as well as to provide assistance with promotional campaigns of other academic and administrative units through internal and external channels. For enquiries or assistance, please contact us at (853) 8822 8400 or prs.event@um.edu.mo.

4News Submission Platformcoadmin2018-12-27T21:41:42+08:00

The News Submission Platform is a platform for UM staff and students to share news, information and stories about the university. The information will be distributed to different channels (including My UMand UMTV) with all UM members.

5University Identitycoadmin2018-12-27T21:41:48+08:00

In order to increase UM members’ awareness of the university identity and to ensure a consistent brand image of the university, CO has created the University Identity Website. For enquiries or assistance, please contact us at (853) 8822 4336.

6Place Advertisements or Congratulatory Messages in the Presscoadmin2019-07-17T14:44:05+08:00

CO is more than happy to assist various academic and administrative units with the placement of congratulatory messages and advertisements about events, recruitments and admissions in the press. For enquiries or assistance, please contact us at (853) 8822 8004.